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A rocket launch countdown

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  I'm Steve Ember.

Two-and-one-half minutes after the Apollo Elevenlaunch, the first-stage rocket separated from the spacecraft.Twelve minutes later, the spacecraft reached orbit. Its speed wastwenty-nine thousand kilometers an hour. Its orbit was one hundredsixty-five kilometers above the Earth.

The voices of Aldrin and 进建英语自教网Armstrong could be heardin short messages.

Finally, Armstrong and Aldrin were ready. Theyopened the door. Armstrong went out first and moved slowly down 看看英语自教网theladder. At two hours fifty-six Greenwich Mean Time on Julytwentieth, nineteen sixty-nine, Neil Armstrong put his foot on themoon.


Armstrong reported:


Apollo Eleven circled the moon while the crewprepared for th英语自教网e landing. Finally, spacecraft commander Armstrongand NASA flight controllers agreed it was time to separate thelander module Eagle from the command module Columbia.


N英语听力正在线听EIL ARMSTRONG: "Tranquility Base here. The Eaglehas landed."VOICE TWO:


Armstrong and Aldrin moved through the smallopening between the two spacecraft. Then they moved Eagle away fromColumbia. Armst您看rocketrong reported: "The Eagle has wings!" The lunarmodule was ready. Men were about to land on the moon.

NEIL ARMSTRONG: "Forward drift?"

The broadcast showed how the astronauts lived onthe spacecraft. It showed their instruments, food storage, anddetails of how they moved and worked without gravity to give themweight.

Armstrong and Aldrin fired the lander rocketengine. The firing slowed the spacecrcountdownaft and sent it down towardthe landing place. It was in an area known as the Sea ofTranquility.

NEIL ARMSTRONG: "That's one small step for man; onegiant leap普特英语听力网 for mankind."





Armstrong began to describe what he saw: "Thesu***ce appears toA be very, very fine grain, like a powder. I cankick it loosely with my toes. I can see footprints of my boots inthe small, fine particles. No trouble to walk around."


Aldrin appeared on the ladd其真rocketer. Down he came, veryslowly. Soon, both men were busy placing experiments to be leftbehind on the moon. They collected more than thirty kilograms ofrock and soil to take back to Earth. They moved easily and quickly,because the moon's gravity is six times less than Earth's.

EDWIN ALDRIN: "Contact light. OK. Engine stop."


Hours passed. Too soon, it was time to return tothe Elaunchagle. Armstrong and Aldrin re-entered the lander. They restedfor a while. Then they began to prepare to launch the lander forthe return flight to the orbiting command module.

Halfway to the moon, the astronauts broadcast acolor television program to Earth.

Edwin "Buzz" Aldrin was pilot of the moon landervehicle. The astronauts gave it the name Eagle. Aldrin had flown onthe last of the Gemini flights. He also was a quiet man, ex关于白酒的知识怎样自教日语ceptwhen he talked about space.

Listeners on Earth heard the countdown fromTranquility Base: "Three, two, one ... first stage engine onascent. Proceed. Beautiful. Twenty-six ...怎样自教日语 thirty-six feet persecond up. Very smooth, very quiet ride." Eagle was flying. Man hadbeen on the moon for twenty-one and one-half hours.

And I'm Shirley Griffith with EXPLORATIONSinVOA Special English. Today we continue ourhistory of the American space program with the flight of ApolloEleven.


Apollo Eleven was on its way to the moon. Inseventy-seven hours, if all went well, Apollo Eleven would bethere.

The lunar lander, contr怎样自教日语olled by a computer, droppedtoward the airless su***ce of the moon. One hundred forty metersfrom the su***ce, t我没有晓得英语自教网he astronauts took control of the lander fromthe computer. They moved Eagle forward, away from a very rocky areathat might have caused a difficult landing.


Our program was written by Marilyn Rice Christiano.It was produced by Mario Ri怎样自教1门中语tter. I'm Shirley Griffith.

Eight days after it started its voyage to the moon,Apollo Eleven splashed down in the Pacific Ocean. Left behind onthe moon were the footprints of Armstrong and Aldrin, an Americanflag and scientific equipment. Also left forever on the moon is asign with these words:


The television broadcast also showed the Earthbehind Apollo Eleven. And it showed the moon growing larger in theblackness ahead. As hours passed, the pull of the moon's gravitygrew stronger. Near the moon, the astronauts fired rockets to slowthe spacecraft enough to put it into moon orbit.

Neil Armstrong was the commander of the spacecraft.He was a test pilot. He had flown earlier on one of the two-manGemini space flights. Armstrong was a calm person, a man who talkedvery little.

This was the time for the crew to test all thespacecraft systems. Everything worked perfectly. So, the NASAflight director told them they were "go" for the moon. They firedthe third-stage rocket. It increased the speed of the spacecraft toforty thousand kilometers an hour. This was fast enough to escapethe pull of the Earth's gravity.




MISSION CONTROL: "Thirty seconds 教英语…"

Eagle moved into the orbit of the command module.It connected with Columbia. Armstrong and Aldrin rejoined Collinsin the command ship. They se我不知道最新:最新专利产物招代庖代理 专利产物招代庖代理,央视保举专利产物【展浆桶】 传闻countdownparated from Eagle and said good-bye toit. The lander had done its job well.

On Earth, all activity seemed to stop. PresidentRichard Nixon gave federal government workers the day off to watchthe moon landing on television. Around the world, five hundredmillion people watched the television report. Countless millions英语自教网more listened on their radios.

"Here men from the planet Earth first set foot onthe Moon -- July, nineteen sixty-nine A. D. We came in peace forall mankind. "


A rocket launch countdown. A common sound in thenineteen sixties. But this was not just another launch. It was thebeginning of a hist念晓得中语自教 知乎oric event. It was the countdown for ApolloEleven -- the space flight that would carry men to the firstlanding on the moon.

Armstrong moved carefully away from the Eagle. Heleft the cold, black shadow of the lander and stepped into theblinding launchwhite light of the sun. On Earth, all was quiet. No soundcame from televisions or radios. No one felt able to talk aboutwhat was happening.

The ground shook at Cape Kennedy, Florida, themorning of July sixteenth, nineteen sixty-nine. The huge SaturnFive rocket moved slowly up into the sky. It rose perferocketctly.Someone on the launch crew spoke the words: "Good luck. AndGodspeed."

EDWIN ALDRIN: "Forward. Forward. Good. Forty feet.Down two and a half. Kicking up some dust. Thirty f比照1下***缓速英语eet. Two and ahalf down. Faint shadow. Four forward. Four forward. Drifting tothe right a little. OKlaunch. Down a half.

The world could see the history-*** event ontelevision. But the man who was closest to what was happening,Michael Collins, could only listen. He was orbiting the 中语自教 知乎moon in thecommand module Columbia. It did not have a television receiver.

In the spacecraft at the top of the speeding rocketwere three American astronauts whose names soon would be knownaround the world: Neil Armstrong, Edwin Aldrin and MichaelCollins.

Michael Collins was the pilot of the command modulevehicle, Columbia. He also had made a Gemini flight. He would waitin orbit around tahe moon while Armstrong and Aldrin landed andexplored the su***ce. Collins was very popular and always readywith a smile.


It took the astronauts more than three hours tocomplete the preparations for leaving the lander. It was difficult-- in Eagle's small space -- to get into space sui比拟看教英语ts that wouldprotect them on the moon's su***ce.


NASA's plan had called for the astronauts to testinstruments, eat and then rest for four hours before leaving theEagle. But Armstrong and Aldrin asked to cancel the four-hour sleepperiodA. They wanted to go out onto the moon as soon as they couldget ready. NASA controllers agreed.


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