Destroying your Spouse Part1

Having an Affair is undoubtedly the most devastating of all experiences. If having an Affair was not bad enough and you want to completely destroy your Spouse, and I mean not only devastate him/her, but really and truly completely destroy them beyond the point of recovery, then keep reading.

Fortunately for you, this process can be successful even when partially implemented.

Step1:  Getting started, the first time your Spouse asked you if you were having an Affair, you denied it, right? That’s a good start.

Step 2: When your Spouse found evidence that you were lying about an Affair and asked you again, in denying it you claimed you are ‘Just Friends’, right? You’re doing good! That is the NUMBER ONE claim used initially by all Cheaters!

Step 3: When confronted with undeniable evidence that you were in fact having an Affair, you admitted only to a ‘Kiss’, right? Good job!

At this point you have betrayed the one you promised to love forever, committed adultery, and lied about it at least 3 times. Not bad for a start!

This is where it gets interesting. You see, even at this point you probably ‘Could’ confess everything, ask for a chance to repair the damage and save your marriage, your Spouse, and yourself.  But why do anything halfway, right? After all, the goal here is to destroy your mate beyond recovery. So let’s continue.

Step 4: When your Spouse discovered you had been to a motel with your Lover, you swore nothing happened, right? OK then, you are still on track.

Step 5: When it’s discovered that you met your lover at a motel more than one time, you justified this by claiming “You just needed a quiet place to talk, and nothing happened”, right?

Now after numerous questions and berating sessions over a few weeks or months, your façade is likely cracking a little and you should now admit to something. Something believable that will surely allow this mistake to be swept under the rug.

Continue reading the next post – part2

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