Revenge Affair

Revenge is SO Sweet

Yeah! I had one – am having one – and will continue to have one, and I won’t get caught. Let me tell you why!

Kristen has an affair

First of all, it’s obvious since I am having a Revenge Affair, then I have been cheated on! This is not rocket science, so hopefully you figured that one out.
Yeah, yeah, I read stories, testimonials, and even got advised to NOT have a revenge affair. Here are the main arguments for not doing it.

•    You would lower yourself to their level
•    You would lose your character and morals
•    You lose your dignity
•    It won’t have the same effect on your Spouse as his Affair did on you

And on and on the warnings go.

Reality and Truth

Here is the ‘Realistic’ and ‘Truthful’ response to the naysayers.

Look, I still have my character and morals. Just the same as I always have. And someday ‘IF’ I am in a committed relationship again, then I can be as committed as any human on the planet. When I am in an honest relationship and not ever lied to, then I can, and will, be as honest as the Pope.  So you see, I have not lost my character or my morals, I am still the exact same person I always was.

Oh! I know, some of you don’t think so – you think I have damaged my character because now I can’t have ‘Victim’ tattooed on my forehead and wear it around with pride! Well, guess what? I don’t want ‘Victim’ tattooed on my forehead since that would drastically change my outward appearance and likely not match any outfit presently in my closet.

You know what else? I don’t want “Doormat” tattooed on my forehead either!

An Eye for an Eye

Whatever happened to “What’s good for the goose is good for the gander?” Or “An Eye for an Eye.”  The later of those phrases is even in the holy scriptures.  Yet some are tricked into believing that does not apply to being cheated on.  Then, what do those wise sayings apply to? Everything ‘But’ being cheated on?

So, as for character, morals, dignity, and any other lovely attachment you might be fashioning, guess what? I had all those before I was cheated on. Did my unblemished morals, honesty, or character prevent my significant other from experiencing intimacy outside our relationship? No! Were those wonderful attributes even considered? No!

So you say a Revenge Affair won’t have the same effect?

On who? This argument is used to discourage trying to inflict pain on a Spouse by running out and having an affair to try to get even. That’s stupid, that’s nuts!  That is not even the point. Anyone who has a revenge affair for that reason is not smart enough to read this and understand.

No, it will not have the same effect on my Spouse as his affair did to me. Because he won’t ever find out!

This Affair is for ME!

Point is: I don’t want to cause him pain. I don’t want to inflict anything on him. This Affair is for me, not for him! I want to experience the same feelings he did with someone new. I want to feel admired and desired with a new partner intimately. I want to experience the endorphins from a new emotional attachment. So will my affair have the same effect? Yes it will, for Me!

And just like him, I don’t want to divorce, separate, lower my standard of living, or lose half of what I have.
And no, I won’t get caught.
There are simple rules that must be followed to prevent being caught in an Affair. These are outlined in detail at  I will enjoy my new intimacy, I will always have my character and morals, I will not lose my dignity, and I WILL NOT be a doormat or a victim.

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7 Responses to Revenge Affair

  1. mike says:

    I had an affair on my wife for the past 11 years. She recently found out and admitted to having her own.I do not regret it because my suspicions were right.  Michael Z Bond   ottawa

  2. yar says:

    Yep I totally agree with you ,I found out about my wifes affair in June ..It almost killed me I felt so used after all these years of being there for her,all her pain she went through and I supported her .What was my reward .A knife in the heart ..She also told me she never loved me ,15 years of lies ,she just waited until he came along and then she says she loved him after six months . I cant even look her in the eyes now knowing that she laid in another mans bed . .Everyone says I'm a nice dependable guy look where it got me .Lifes to short to be someones fool..Thanks for your post now I've made my decision .

  3. Sober1 says:

    I found out about my wife’s affair 2 months ago. This has described my feelings very accuratley. What’s good for the goose is good for the gander. Now I just regret passing on sexual encounters in the past.

  4. Doormatnormore says:

    I have been thinking about having a revenge affair as well, I suspected my wife of having an affair  and finally found out for sure after 6 months of living hell.
    This article is great, and helps me realize that I am not wrong for thinking like this.

  5. mia costa says:

    Sweetie, that's the most uplifting article I have read since the day my world was blown apart 8 months ago !!! I have read article after article and you have simply verbalised what I have believed in all along. I too do not want revenge and am not into hurting others … this is going to be just for me, my private secret and treat :) I will hopefully be taking the 'plunge' this Saturday with a gorgeous man (who btw is much hotter than the woman my partner cheated with) …
    thanks for your breezy honesty :) xxx

  6. Marcia says:

    I say "Right On". I am also having a revenge affair. And I feel much better for it. He won't find out. He will be the same person he always was. And I will be the same person I am. But I won't be a Victim! I am the Victor!!
    Thank you for your posts!!!

  7. Catherine Stultz says:

    You go girl!  It is about time that women give men a taste of their own medicine.  Have fun!

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